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Stimu-lyx Performance Goat

Good forage and browse are the basic components of a great Goat program.  How do you get the most out of your forage program? That’s easy, Stimu-lyx Performance Goat tubs. Stimu-lyx Performance goat is specifically formulated with protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals to support good breeding, growth, and health. This low-moisture tub is a great way to deliver these nutrients as well as ammonium chloride to help prevent urinary calculi, all while increasing the digestibility of your forage.

Stimu-lyx helps your goats get more protein and energy from your hay or grass by improving the PH level in the rumen, which increases microbial activity and improves forage digestibility.  The tub must be licked to consume it.  This creates a large volume of saliva.  This Saliva is a natural buffer for the rumen, which keeps the PH at an optimum level.

Benefits of Stimu-lyx Performance Goat Supplement tubs:
Better forage digestibility
Higher energy levels
Mineral/vitamin supplementation
Improved body condition
Increased milk production
Enhanced reproductive performance in does
Improved growth rate of kids

Stimu-lyx Performance Goat comes in a 40# flat back bucket, 60# pail, or 125# tub.  The hardness of the product ensures they do not over-consume the tub.  Keep out 1 tub for every 25-30 head. Place near water and salt source.  These tubs should be fed year-round for the best performance.