Product Spotlight

Co-op Hog Feeds

AFC Feed manufactures hog feeds for every phase of development.

STIMU-LYX® Stress Relief

Whether breeding, calving, weaning, preconditioning, or showing, Stimu-lyx Stress Relief helps your animals handle stress.

Performance Sheep with Deccox

Formulated for optimum growing lambs, gestating, and lactating ewes.

Horizon Excel 12%

Your equine companion deserves the best, and that's exactly what you get with Horizon Excel.

Brood Cow

We understand that healthy brood cows mean healthy calves


STIMU-LYX® AN 25% is designed for convenience and efficiency, ensuring consistent intake and nutrient delivery.

MaxRax Deer 16%

Unleash the power of nature with AFC Feed MaxRax Deer 16%

Big Buck Blend Deer Feed

If you want that big buck this fall, you have to grow him and his new set of antlers this spring and summer.

Co-op 16% Rabbit Pellets

Co-op 16% Rabbit Pellets are a great choice to provide the nutrition you need.

Got Flies?

How do you control them on your farm?

Premium Vitamins/Minerals

The Perfect Solution for Alabama!

It's Egg Making Time!

Whether you're raising a small backyard flock or managing a commercial operation, AFC Feed Laying Pellets 22% can help you achieve your egg production goals.

Achieve your Goals

When it comes to raising healthy and high-performing goats, diet is key.

Age is Just a Number

As our beloved horses age, their dietary needs change.

Give Your Birds the Best Possible Start

Are you raising chicks and looking for a high-quality feed that will give them the best possible start in life?

It’s Fly season!

Formax Fly Control IGR Breeder

Foaling Season

Horse foaling season is a time of great excitement and anticipation for both horses and their owners.

Fly Problem Solved