Age is Just a Number

Horizon Senior

As horses age, they have different nutritional requirements than when they were younger.  Many bodily systems do not function as efficiently in older horses, meaning that they have higher requirements for protein, energy, and digestible fiber.  This makes maintaining body condition a challenge.  Older equines also may have dental issues that make it hard to chew feed and fiber for further digestion.

Horizon Senior is a highly digestible, energy dense feed developed in Alabama to work with our forage types here in the southeast to help your geriatric horse achieve and maintain the high level of health and performance you demand.  The grains in Horizon senior have been processed for improved digestion.  High protein (14%) and added fat (7%) help overcome inefficient digestion and absorption.  Yeast has been added to aid in digestion.  We added beet pulp to increase the digestible fiber level, so that Horizon Senior can be fed as the complete diet of your horse.  The soft pellets are easy to chew and can be moistened to make a mash for horses with severe dental problems. 

Horizon Senior has the enhanced supplementation your horse needs.  Amino acids, Vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins and chelated trace minerals, have been added at precise levels to improve absorption and regulate bodily functions.

Horizon Senior, as well as other Horizon Premium Equine Feeds can be found at your local Quality Co-op Store.