Co-op Hog Feeds

AFC FEED manufactures hog feeds for every phase of development.  We use locally sourced ingredients and build feeds for performance and efficiency.  We want to help you grow the best hogs possible. 

16% Sow and Pig – complete pelleted ration for gestating and lactating sows as well as creep feed for baby pigs (2 weeks-40 lbs.) 18% pig starter can also be used during this phase.

14% Hog Grower – complete pelleted ration for growing hogs (40-150 lbs.) Excellent for feeding guilts. 

12% Hog Finisher– complete pelleted ration for finishing hogs (150-250 lbs.+)

If you are looking for quality and value in your hog feeds, go to your local Quality Co-op store. To find a location, go to