Performance Sheep with Deccox

Co-op performance sheep feed is an 18% protein, high energy feed.  It is formulated to provide the nutrients required for optimum growing lambs and gestating and lactating ewes.  This is also a great choice for show lambs. We have added Deccox to help prevent coccidiosis in your animals.  This feed contains ammonium chloride to help reduce incidence of kidney stones, and digestive aids for improved performance.

Feeding Rate: 1 to 4 pounds per head per day

Feed according to animal weight and stage of production. For example, a lactating ewe or doe has a higher nutritional requirement and requires more feed than gestating animals.  Likewise, if you want to accelerate growth, you will need to feed at a higher rate.  

Other considerations- Good quality hay or pasture, as well as fresh clean water, should be available at all times.  Provide a free choice vitamin/mineral supplement to optimize feed and forage intake.

If you are looking for a high quality feed for your sheep, trust co-op performance sheep feed to give your animals what they need.  Stop by your local Quality co-op store and pick some up today.