STIMU-LYX® Stress Relief

Cattle experience many stressful periods each year.  Whether you are breeding, calving, weaning, preconditioning, or showing, you need a product to help your animals handle stress.  That product is Stimu-lyx Stress relief.

Stimu-lyx is the only line of cooked molasses tubs specifically formulated to work with Alabama Forage types to get maximum performance from your livestock.  Stress Relief is fortified with natural protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.  The benefits of Stress Relief include:

  • High vitamin levels – B vitamins to encourage consumption, and elevated vitamin E to help fight stress
  • Chelated trace minerals – improves absorption and aids in immunity, reproduction, and hoof health
  • Electrolytes – restores fluids, corrects the pH and electrolyte levels in the blood, and helps prevent dehydration
  • Extreme palatability – encourages consumption of the product and stimulates rumen function, which increases dry matter intake.
  • Feed efficiency – ph is controlled in the rumen to improve fiber digestion and increase feed efficiency.


Stimu-lyx Stress Relief is the proven product to improve the performance and immunity of your cattle.  It comes in a 200# tub and one tub will supplement up to 25 head of cattle.  For breeding, weaning, preconditioning, or showing, Stress Relief gets results.  Pick some up at your local Quality Co-op Store.  Visit to find a location near you.