High Quality, High Energy,
Fortified Pelleted Feed

Formax Stocker 13 w/Bovatec®

Formax Stocker 13 w/Bovatec® is a pelleted feed that has the flexibility to be used in many different applications.  You can feed it free choice, as a creep feed, or hand feed it to preconditioning calves, developing heifers, growing bulls, or lactating beef cows. 

Stocker 13 has the proper protein (13%) and energy level for top performance of your cattle.  Added vitamins and minerals, consistency, and availability make this feed a better alternative than commodities for feeding cattle.  This complete pelleted feed contains less fines or dust than other forms of feed and has better conversion rates than commodities.

Bovatec has been added to promote growth, increase feed efficiency, and reduce the incidence of coccidiosis.  Do not feed this feed to lactating dairy cows, horses, or sheep. 


Feeding rates:

Nursing calves (creep feed): free choice
Weaned calves (preconditioning): free choice, or 1-2% or body weight
Developing heifers: up to 1.5% of body weight
Growing bulls: 2% of body weight
Cows: 5-10# per head per day (with forage)

Formax Stocker 13 w/Bovatec® is available in bulk or a 50# bag. 

So if you want a high quality, high energy, fortified pelleted feed that you can feed to any class of beef cattle, Stocker 13 is the feed you need.  Pick some up at your local Quality co-op today.