Give Your Birds the Best Possible Start

Chick Starter/Grower 18%

Our chick starter/grower is formulated to give young poultry animals the protein and energy they need, both as a starting ration, and as they mature, their growing ration.  This feed is medicated to improve health, growth and feed efficiency.  We use locally sourced, high-quality ingredients to produce a safe, healthy feed that will ensure outstanding performance from your chickens or other poultry animals.

We combine protein and energy sources together with vitamins and minerals, and then make a crumble type feed so each small piece of feed has all the nutrition a growing chick needs.  This is a much better process than just feeding cracked corn, scratch, or other mixed grain type feeds.

Chick starter/grower should be fed free choice to chicks from one day old to 4 months old; at that point you should switch to one of our laying feeds.

Available in 25# or 50# bags.

You can find this and other locally produced, Quality CO-OP feeds at your nearby Quality CO-OP store.