Co-op 16% Goat Feed

Do you want bigger, healthier, more productive goats?  Use Co-op goat feeds and see the difference a quality feed program can make.  Co-op 16% Goat pellets have complete vitamin and mineral fortification, including ammonium chloride to help reduce urinary calculi.

Co-op 16% Goat Pellets have a high protein level, for starting and growing your goats. This product is available with or without Decox for coccidiosis prevention.

Feed containing Decox should not be fed to does producing milk for human consumption.

Co-op 16% Goat Pellets can be fed at the rate of 1 to 2% of body weight.  Always provide fresh clean water and free choice Formax Goat minerals or Stimu-lyx performance goat tubs.

Stop by your local Quality co-op store and give your bucks, does, and kids the nutrition they need for outstanding performance.