It’s Fly Season!

Fly Control IGR Breeder Mineral

It’s Fly season and if you haven’t started your summer fly mineral program, now is the time to begin.  Our Formax IGR minerals use Methoprene insect growth regulator (IGR) for feed through horn fly control.  Formax IGR minerals are a proven, cost effective way to increase weight gain, improve reproduction, and reduce the spread of disease by reducing the horn fly population on your farm.

For producers that realize the importance and benefits of a highly fortified mineral, we want to introduce Formax Fly Control IGR Breeder mineral. This and all Formax minerals are specifically formulated for cattle in the southeast.  Our soils, forages, and annual rainfall make our mineral needs different from other parts of the country.  We use small particle size as well as Mintrex chelated trace mineral technology to improve absorption. We weather coat the minerals to protect them from rain and humidity.

Formax Fly Control IGR Breeder has very high levels of vitamins A, D, and especially Vitamin E to help fight summertime stress in your animals.  Copper, Zinc, and Manganese levels have also been elevated and chelated for superior reproduction, immunity, hoof integrity, and overall physiological function.  If you are currently using our “silver” line of Formax minerals, this has the same trace mineral and vitamin package plus IGR has been added for horn fly control.

Keep flies off your herd and improve their performance this summer with Formax Fly Control IGR Breeder.

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