It's Egg Making Time!

Laying Pellets 22%

It seems like more and more people are raising their own chickens for egg production.  Those chicks you got at the co-op this spring are maturing into laying hens.  This month, I wanted to spotlight our 22% laying pellets and explain the benefits of trusting afc feed with the nutritional needs of your chickens. 

afc feed laying pellets are formulated to provide all the necessary protein, energy, vitamins and trace minerals for high levels of egg production.  They contain the correct levels of calcium for proper shell development.  The locally sourced, high quality ingredients we select for our feed production ensure maximum production as well as health and well-being of your animals. 

Always provide fresh, clean water, adequate feed levels and plenty of space for your birds to help prevent disease or poor performance.



This feed is formulated for maximum egg production and hen health.  It contains excellent protein and energy levels for game birds and birds under stress that have higher nutritional requirements.

Alabama Farmers co-op is vigilant in producing high quality, safe feeds so you can enjoy the rewards of raising and managing your own livestock.