Big Buck Blend Deer Feed

If you want that big buck this fall, you have to grow him and his new set of antlers this spring and summer. Big Buck Blend (BBB) Deer Feed is formulated for Southeastern deer, consuming our unique forage and browse.  We offer two products in the BBB feed line: 16 Point and 20% Rack Developer.

16 Point is a pelleted feed that has twice the protein of corn, and the correct calcium to Phosphorous ratio for proper antler growth.  It has a full vitamin and mineral package, including chelated zinc, copper, and Manganese.  This is a high energy feed for promoting weight gain, as well as milk production.  We added Persimmon flavoring that attract deer and boost the palatability of the feed.

20% Rack Developer is a pelleted feed that has a very high protein for building big racks, strong bones and muscles in your deer.  Rack Developer has the same basic features of the 16 point feed, (vitamins/minerals, high energy, persimmon flavor, and low fiber levels), but has a higher protein level.

Whether you are growing antlers, growing big bodies, or supplementing lactating does, you can boost your deer performance with Big Buck Blend Deer Feed.  Don’t forget to check out the great selection of deer feeders at your local Quality co-op store. For more information go to