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Feeding the Future, that’s our goal, our focus, and our promise at AFC Feed. Our team works tirelessly with our co-op partners, and their customers to help them be successful. From backyard poultry, to equine champions, we are there. From stocker calves to show lambs, we are there. We are there providing nutrition for all of your animals no matter what type of arena they run in.

You enjoy spending time outdoors. We provide the products and nutrition to enhance your next outdoor experience: whether you’re hunting that next trophy buck, preparing to flush that next big covey of Gamebirds, looking to land the next big stringer of fish, or relaxing after a long day with your faithful companion…. we’re there to help make those times more memorable.

Since its beginnings in 1945, the feed department at Alabama Farmers Cooperative has continued to grow and expand to provide quality feeds in a timely manner to the member co-op stores and their customers. Building on the past and planning for the future in 2020, we partnered with Purina Animal Nutrition to enhance our commitment to success through their research, technology, sales team and feed portfolio.

“Feeding the Future”, that’s what afc Feed is all about. Improving quality, capacity, and value to satisfy the needs of our customers and a commitment to offering “Proven, Predictable, Profitable” products and great service to our co-op family now, and in the years to come.

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We manufacture and distribute wholesale animal nutrition products and supplements throughout our service area.


Our Team

We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing excellent service.

John Sims

Northwest AL Sales

Chris Wisener

Northeast AL Sales

David Allen

South AL Sales

Jimmy Parker